Pegasus: 80 journalists from 10 countries together exposed global espionage

Pegasus has been in the news for the past few days. Pegasus is spyware developed by the Israeli company NSO Group. Recently it was revealed that Pegasus is being used by the government of many countries to spy. India's name has also come up in this investigation. It has also been revealed that many journalists, activists, and opposition leaders of India have been spied on by Pegasus, according to this report, more than 180 journalists were spied on.

In fact, many international news organizations have a hand in disclosing the Pegasus case. These mainly include organizations named Forbidden Stories and Amnesty.

80 journalists from around the world took part in the investigative reporting of the Pegasus Goblet spy. Journalists from about 10 countries have jointly investigated it and 17 groups of media have been involved in this. According to Forbidden Stories, this investigation started with a record of 50,000 phone numbers. It was jointly accessed by Amnesty International and Forbidden Stories. After this, two journalists of Forbidden Stories contacted many media houses around the world and brought them with them.


Everyone met in Paris during the coronavirus epidemic. Till then he knew little about Pegasus Global espionage. After meeting the Pegasus Project was started.

For months, all the journalists had secure communication with each other. There were people associated with this project in 10 countries. These include India, France, Belgium, Mexico, Lebanon, America, and Britain, all the journalists on the ground used to have secure communication with each other.

Journalists of the Pegasus Project found that many of their fellow journalists were the target of this espionage by the government, that is, they were being spied on.


According to Forbidden Stories, more than 180 journalists from 20 countries were highlighted as potential targets. Amnesty Tech forensicized some of these journalists and found that they were being monitored through pegasus.


Many major changes were seen as a reaction to the Pegasus project. For example, the Israeli company NSO Group, which created Pegasus, used to use Amazon's infrastructure, Amazon shut down the infrastructure given to NSO Group as a reaction.

After this, Moroccan sued Forbidden Stories for defamation. Now slowly in many countries, the demand to investigate this espionage is rising. On the other hand, Whatsapp's head has called it a big attack on privacy. Because Pegasus can also hack WhatsApp.


Not only this, this investigative reporting has also revealed that even Apple's iPhones are not safe from Pegasus. Before this investigation, it was not clear how the software can infect the phone and other systems, but now it is clear how dangerous this Pegasus is and what are its possible dangers.