Ways to survive the scorching heat

The scorching heat continues to wreak havoc in the entire country including Delhi. The mercury is reaching new highs. With this, the process of summer diseases has also started. Apart from sunlight and heat, many people fall ill during this season due to dirt and contaminated food or water. By taking some precautions, the wrath of the weather can be avoided.

Avoid being outside for a long time:

One should avoid stepping out of the house between 12 noon and 3 pm. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight to avoid the raging heatwave that continues across the country.

Take care of cleanliness in food: 

Take great care of cleanliness in food. Avoid eating any food that is fried outside and cooked in the open. In this season, the risk of getting a disease from contaminated food or water is very high. Inform children about these things too and encourage them to wash their hands before eating anything.

Avoid going out in the sun: 

If it is necessary to go out in the sun during the day, then definitely use sunscreen. Apart from this, carry an umbrella, hat, wet towel, and cold water with you to avoid tanning and sunburn.

Increase the use of fluids: 

Use liquids as much as possible, such as lemonade. Keep in mind that it should be cold, not icy, otherwise other health problems may occur. Seasonal fruits like melon, watermelon, mango, cucumber, cucumber must be consumed. However, there are some precautions associated with their consumption, which are important to take care of. Do not let the body lack water. Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water in a day. Buttermilk, lassi, raw AAP ka pana, bael sharbat, or sattu sharbat are very beneficial in this season.

Avoid overeating at a time: 

In the summer season, it would be good to start the day with sweet and juicy fruits. Chickpeas, peaches, watermelon, melon, or orange can be good choices. Be sure to eat onion and cucumber in the form of salad. This will save you from digestive problems and also keep the body temperature under control. Actually, they contain a sufficient amount of water, so the body temperature is controlled.

Wear loose-fitting full sleeve clothes: 

Loose-fitting and full-sleeved and light-colored clothes should be chosen. It protects from the wrath of the sun and helps in drying up the sweat. Eyes should also be taken care of during this season. Therefore, if you are going out of the house in strong sunlight, then definitely use sunglasses.

Avoid doing more workouts: 

Normal workouts should be done in hot summer or humid weather. If you are feeling tired or dizzy due to being in the sun, drink water or lemon water immediately. Also, one should rest in a shady place away from sunlight. Lie down for half an hour with your feet slightly raised when you feel the sunlight. This will give your body time to recover and avoid fainting.