Story of Satyavati Putli

During the reign of King Vikramaditya in the city of Ujjain, his justice and greatness were discussed far and wide. The king had formed a committee of 9 people for his big decisions and suggestions. It was from these people that King Vikramaditya used to take suggestions related to the rule of law. Once some talk started regarding money and property. Then the matter of Hades also came to the fore and a knowledgeable person praised King Sheshnag of Hades. He told that he has all the comforts in his world because he is one of the special servants of Lord Vishnu. The place of Sheshnag is considered equal to God and whoever sees him, his life becomes blessed.

On hearing this, King Vikramaditya made up his mind to go to Hades and meet him. Then King Vikramaditya remembered his sons and reached Hades with them. There he found everything said by the experts to be correct. When Sheshnag got the news of King Vikramaditya's arrival, he went to meet him. While greeting Sheshnag, King Vikramaditya told his name and reason for coming to Hades. Hearing the words of King Vikramaditya and his behavior, Sheshnag was so happy that he gave four miraculous gems to King Vikramaditya as a gift on the way.

All four gems had their own merits. From the first gem the desired wealth, from the second gem desired clothes and ornaments, from the third gem any kind of palanquin, horse, or chariot and from the fourth gem, one could get respect and respect. After getting the gem, King Vikramaditya bowed to Sheshnag and returned to the kingdom with his sons.

King Vikramaditya was entering his kingdom with all the four gems when he met a Brahmin on the way. The Brahmin asked the king about his journey to Hades. The king told all the things that happened there. After knowing everything, suddenly the brahmin told the king that the people also cooperate in your every success. On hearing this from the Brahmin, King Vikramaditya understood his mind and immediately asked the Brahmin to take a gem of his own wish. Seeing this the Brahmin got a little confused and said that he would take the gem only after taking the opinion of every member of his family. King Vikramaditya agreed to him.

Then the brahmin reached his house and told the whole thing to his wife, son, and daughter in his family. All three expressed their desire to take three different gems. The confusion of the Brahmin had increased further. After listening to the family members, the Brahmin again approached King Vikramaditya and told him his dilemma. On hearing the Brahmin's words, King Vikramaditya laughed and gave the Brahmin all the four gems as a gift.



A true king, politician, or director is the one who gives priority to his subjects and those who work with him, without being greedy for wealth. 

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