These 5 asanas of yoga will help in relieving headache

If you are also going through the problem of headache or migraine, then practice yoga for a few minutes daily. This will help your body get ready to fight the upcoming migraine attack. Yoga is a means of improving the body's immunity against headaches. We are telling you about those yoga asanas which can give you relief in headaches or migraines.

Setu Bandhasana (Bridge Pose)-

This asana helps in controlling the blood circulation in the body. Setu Bandhasana calms the mind as well as relaxes the brain and reduces anxiety. Apart from this, while doing this asana, the blood moves towards the brain and helps in relieving pain.


Considered to be extremely suitable, the Bal Mudra asana is a great stress buster. During this asana, you will feel a slight stretch in your hips, thighs, ankles and this asana will calm the mind and relieve stress and fatigue. Bal Mudra asana also calms down the nervous system and effectively reduces pain.

Marjariasana (Cat's Pose)-

Marjariasana improves blood circulation. Calms the mind. Removes stress and improves respiration. The best part of this asana is that it relaxes tired muscles which is an effective way to get rid of the pain.



 This asana calms the brain, relieves stress, and also relieves headaches.


This lotus posture yoga posture relaxes the mind and gives relief from severe pain like headache and migraine.

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