Story of Karunavati Pupil

King Vikramaditya often changed his form at night and roamed across the state to know the well-being of his subjects. The thieves and dacoits of the state also knew that Maharaj roamed around in disguise, so he was afraid of committing crimes. King Vikramaditya also wanted that crime should be completely eradicated from his kingdom and his subjects could sleep peacefully at night. Similarly, one night Maharaj was roaming in his kingdom in disguise. While walking, he saw a rope hanging outside a building. He thought that some thief must have gone up by hanging from this rope, so he too reached the top with the help of the rope.


He also took out his sword and started looking for the thieves, but only then a low voice of a woman was heard. They thought that this woman was the only four. Thinking this, he stood next to the wall of the room. He heard that the woman was asking someone to go to an adjoining room and kill someone. The woman was saying that it is difficult for her to have a relationship with someone else without killing the man. After this Maharaj heard the voice of a man. The man was saying that he is definitely a robber, but cannot kill an innocent person. He told the woman that there was a lot of money after that. Both of them can go far away and spend their life happily. On this, the woman said that you come after two days because it will take a day for her to collect all the money.

The king understood that the man was the lover of the woman and the woman was the wife of the owner of the house. After this, the king came down with the help of that rope and waited for the lady's lover. After a while, as the woman's lover came down holding the rope, the king put his sword on her neck and introduced himself to her. The man was frightened to see Maharaj in front, but King Vikramaditya promised him that if he told the truth, he would not give him death. After this, he told his story to the Maharaj-


“I have been in love with that woman since childhood and wanted to get married too. My father was a very big businessman, due to which I had a lot of money. Then one day the pirates robbed my father's ship full of valuables, due to which we became poor and all my dreams were shattered. This made my father so sad that he died. After this, I decided to take revenge on the pirates. After many years of pushing here and there, I finally got to know him one day. Somehow I joined their group and won their trust. Now, whenever I got a chance I would kill some member of the group. In this way, I destroyed the entire team and returned home with the money they had collected from the loot.”

“After coming home, I came to know that the one I loved was married to a wealthy Seth in the state. Once again all my dreams were shattered. One day I came to know about his maternal uncle's arrival. Then she started coming and meeting me every day. One day I told him that I have a lot of wealth, but he did not believe me. He said that if he brings her the Naulakha necklace, then only he will believe. Eventually, I accepted her and brought Naulakha's necklace, but by then she had returned to her husband's house. Today, when I brought a Naulakha necklace and put it on, she instigated me to kill my husband, but I refused to do so because killing an innocent is a great sin.

King Vikramaditya praised him for speaking the truth and praised him for eliminating the pirates. Also scolds his girlfriend for not understanding her cleverness. King Vikramaditya said that true lovers love the lover, not his wealth. Also, Naulakha instigated her to kill her husband after getting the necklace. Love with such a heartless and characterless woman always leads to destruction.


The man fell at the feet of Maharaj crying and prayed to forgive him for his crime. The king also did not give him the death penalty and gave many awards for his bravery and truthfulness.

The next night, King Vikramaditya came to the woman disguised as her lover. As soon as they arrived, the woman placed a bag full of gold ornaments in front of them and said that she had killed Seth by feeding him poison. When the king did not say anything, the woman became suspicious and pulled off his fake beard and mustache. Seeing some other man in place of her lover, the woman started shouting loudly, and the killer of her husband started crying after telling them. At the same time, the king's soldiers standing outside the house came running as soon as they got the king's order and arrested the woman. Seeing King Vikramaditya in front of her, the woman was blown away and she hurriedly killed herself by drinking poison.



Good is never good with the greedy ones. They have to face the consequences one day or the other, as in this story with a woman who killed her husband for money.

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