Following the launch of smartphones, Jio Tablet and Jio TV preparations are expected to begin next year.

Jio Phone Next is Reliance's newest smartphone, claiming to be the cheapest in the world. According to a fresh source, the corporation is working on hardware devices other than phones and could enter additional hardware categories by next year. According to the source, the business is working on a new Jio tablet. Aside from that, there's a word of progress on the new Jio TV. The Jio laptop was also mentioned in previous reports.

Next year, Jio plans to release two new hardware items. These are the stories that Jio Tablet and Jio TV are telling. It is currently unknown when they will be released or what features they will include. However, it is possible that, like the JioPhone Next, both smartphones will find a home in the low-cost segment.

The Jio tablet is anticipated to operate on Google and Reliance's PragatiOS software, which was created exclusively for the JioPhone Next. This tablet has a Qualcomm processor and can access the Google Play Store. Jio TV, on the other hand, supports a number of popular OTT apps and may be coupled with the Jio Fiber set-top box. Jio TV is available in a variety of display sizes. If the corporation is building both of these devices, leaks in the coming days should provide additional information about them.

JioBook, Reliance's first laptop, is also in the works. According to reports, this laptop would be powered by a MediaTek MT8788 processor with 2 GB of RAM. JioBook can have a high-definition (1366x768-pixel) display. The JioBook is expected to include apps such as JioStore, JioMeet, and JioPages, as well as Microsoft apps such as Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Edge, and Office.

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