Role computer in our life

The computer is an electronic device used in almost every field even where it is most unexpected. ... Computer has become very important nowadays because it is very much accurate, fast and can accomplish many tasks easily. Otherwise to complete those tasks manually much more time is required.

  • computer in business

The use of computers is among the maximum practiced in the field of business. In fact, small businesses also use the computer as there are now very cheap microcomputers. Business organizations now have a number of facts and a lot of numbers to be processed. So many businesses have started using the computer, for example, to calculate the salary, to identify the goods sold and are still in stock, to issue and send or receive business statements, letters, invoices, and more.

  •  Computers in Banking and Financial

Processing data involving savings accounts, fixed deposits, loans, investments, profitability analysis, and so on are among the organizations operating budgets. The measures used are standard and recurrent. And with that, the financial institution is the first user to be aware of the importance of computers to save time. Use of financial institutions including electronic fund transfer activities for example a bank has a terminal in each branch in the country and also in supermarkets, petrol stations, schools, factories, homes, hotels, and so on.

                 The company will move employees’ salaries into the account by entering employee identification numbers then pay the money transferred into the account supermarkets, hotels, or gas stations when making a purchase. Money transfer facility is referred to as the electronic transfer of money is a very effective to use is a safe and quick method for financial transactions.

  • Computers in Industrial Areas

The industry is a lot of benefit from the use of computers and the development of a human-machine that ‘robot’. Industrial production, for example, requires a lot of computers to process data collected from employees, customers, sales, product information, production schedules, and so on. Yes said the computer used to control the production process.

Especially the production of information processing inventory control to keep the latest information about the remaining inventory of raw materials and finished goods used to determine the value of inventory and stock status. This computer can alert the staff involved if he should order the raw materials and when to deliver the goods completed to the customer. Similarly, to store information about the structure of an item, but the material requirement planning processes also use computers to facilitate the work. Appear in the computer industry is very broad and also affect the development of industry in a country.

  • Computers in Education

Now in this era of science and technology become more advanced, the computer may take over the role of books in the store and disseminate knowledge to the public. In other words, the computer will change the way we learn and the way we store knowledge. Hal-related matters such as student registration, class scheduling, processing of examination results, students ‘and teachers’ personal storage can be implemented by a computer with a fast and effective in helping the administration. Now exams results were processed by computer. The IPT also has the duties of office automation, processing, scientific research results, and also uses the computer.

In fact, cataloging books in libraries also apply to computer use. Last but not least is used for teaching and learning process is not only at institutions of higher learning in the schools, both for teaching and studying computer-assisted education on the computer is very emphasized that in the field of education for helping in the administrative process, but research is also what is important is the ease and help students and teachers in the teaching and learning.

  • Computers in the Medical Arena

Hospitals and clinics use computers to store patient records, scheduling doctors, nurses, and other personnel, inventory and purchase medicines, medical research, and medical diagnosis. Applications of computer-based equipment or the use of information technology have help doctors diagnose diseases. It is clear that the use of computers in the medical field provides solutions to complex problems.

Among the new computer technology that provides assistance to those who are disabled. Microprocessor-based voice systems assist people with disabilities in speaking with a terminal that directs the computer to perform a verbal task. Similarly, the development of computers has helped the blind to see, the deaf to communicate, whether with the help of a speech synthesizer or using the keyboard. This can help them become more active and can do what they could not do before. Besides works of traditional data processing, such as issuing bills of patients, medical statistics and scheduling of staff and others have also streamlined and processed by computer.

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