Story of Vidyavati Putli

In the kingdom of King Vikramaditya, his subjects did not lack anything. The king used to keep his subjects very happy, whenever someone came to his court with his problem, the king used to solve it immediately. If someone harassed his subjects, he used to punish them harshly. Not only this, King Vikramaditya used to visit the state as a man, so his subjects were always happy, fearless, and satisfied.

Once King Vikramaditya was roaming in his kingdom in disguise. Then he heard the sound of two people coming from a hut. They heard that a woman was asking the king to go and tell something, but that person was saying that he could not put the king's life in danger for his selfishness.

On hearing these things, the king understood that he had a problem and the king was also related to it. King Vikramaditya always considered it his duty to solve the problems of his subjects. In such a situation, the king could not stay with Vikramaditya and he knocked on the door of the hut. Hearing the sound at the door, the Brahmin couple opened the door. As soon as they opened their doors, King Vikramaditya told about himself and inquired about his problems.


Knowing that the king has come home, both the husband and wife got scared. The king gave them courage and assurance and said that they can speak their words without fear. Then he told that they have been married for twelve years, but they did not have any children.

In these twelve years, he did many fasts, fasting, worship-recitation for the happiness of children, but to no avail. Then one day the Brahmin's wife dreamed that a goddess had told her that thirty kos away in a dense forest in the east, some sages and hermits while worshiping Shiva, would put their organs in the Havan Kund to please Lord Shiva. are cutting. Like them, if King Vikramaditya also goes there and cuts off his limbs in the Havan Kund, then Lord Shiva will be pleased with him and ask his wish. Then King Vikramaditya would ask Lord Shiva for a child for him. By doing this they will get child happiness.

On hearing this, King Vikramaditya assured the Brahmin husband and wife that they would definitely do all this. After saying this, King Vikramaditya left from there and remembered the sons on the way. When Betal appeared in front of him, King Vikramaditya asked him to take him to the place of Havana. As soon as the king reached that place, he found that some sadhu was actually sitting there and doing the havan, cutting off his limbs and putting them in the havan.


On seeing this, King Vikramaditya also sat there next to the ascetic and started cutting off his limbs like him and putting them in the Havan Kund. When King Vikramaditya and all the sadhus were burnt, a Shivagan reached there and made all the sadhus alive by giving nectar, but by mistake, he did not give nectar to King Vikramaditya.

When all the sadhus became alive, their attention turned to Vikram, who had become ashes. Then all the sannyasis together worshiped Shiva and prayed to bring Vikram alive. Lord Shiva listened to their prayer and made King Vikramaditya alive by pouring nectar.

King Vikramaditya, as soon as he was alive, asked for a child for the Brahmin couple with folded hands and bowed his head in front of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva was pleased with the sacrifice of King Vikramaditya and listened to his prayer. Shortly after this, the Brahmin couple got child happiness.


If someone sacrifices without any selfishness, then nothing bad will ever happen to him. 

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